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1 km. Alexandroupolis - Νew Chile

Bookstores () -
City: Alexandroupolis
Area: Downtown
Address: 40 Ekklision 21
Phone number: 2113331604

Hello and welcome!

I am Theano and is the online children's bookstore through which I share my love for reading children's books.

The story goes like this, with the birth of our daughter, we already had a book with us from the very first days.

Our little one inspired me and then brought Scottie, her little dog, into the picture. They showed me how we explore a new book, how we become friends with it, and that's how we started our journey into the magical world of children's books!

All this love that I mentioned initially grew, enriched, and finally transformed. The result? Our online children's bookstore!

I'll be delighted to have you join us on this exciting journey into the world of children's books, a world filled with stories, adventures, knowledge, imagination, sounds, emotions, colors, beautiful illustrations.

Through reading books, we cultivate values such as respect, empathy, acceptance, and we get closer to our little ones (and the children within us), understand them, have fun together, grow together!

Of course, I couldn't overlook books concerning parents, caregivers, educators, books about gentle parenting, and positive discipline.

Also, understanding the need for creating suitable wooden constructions that enhance independence, creativity, motor skills, self-confidence, mental resilience, and activate children's imagination, you will find our wooden constructions for children in the online store.

Why choose

  1. Updated with the latest books on the market
  2. Personalized advice on book selection and purchase
  3. Free delivery within the city (Shipping cost is automatically waived once the postal code is filled)