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1 km. Alexandroupolis - Νew Chile

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Peri anemon & idaton (Cafe - Bar)

Peri anemon & idaton - Cafe - Bar
(Cafe - Bar)
City: Alexandroupolis
Area: Pedestrian street Fokas
Address: Nikiforou Foka 2
Phone number: 25510 - 83043

About Winds, Waters and Places spoke in his Hippocrates emphasizing the crucial role of water and air to life and health of the people of a place ...

In '' Peri anemon & idaton '' lost meanings again find substance ...
The entertainment offered through from the simple but true value of enjoyable coffee, good music, play with friends, the warm and intimate space.
In a separate identity and culture for ten years still offers moments of carefree relaxation.

Open to all and following the season needs, beautifies the pedestrian street Fokas, giving new meaning to the mornings, afternoons and evenings we ...


Cafe - bar "Περί Ανέμων και Υδάτων" στην Αλεξανδρούπολη. from on Vimeo.

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